Tea By The Sea was inspired by my love of tea and my interest in sharing tea with everyone I meet. The fussiness of the tea ceremony and the elegance of the china was my first attraction.  Then I learned how differently these different teas taste.  Enjoying teatime is a daily ritual at our house.  The tea ritual cannot be rushed.  It takes time to boil the water, to steep the tea and then to enjoy the flavor and calm of the pot of tea, sip after sip, cup after cup.

But my daily teatime isn’t the only time I enjoy tea.  When I have commitments, I have found the perfect travel tea mug so I can enjoy my loose leaf tea on the go.

If you are local to the Monterey Peninsula, call to join a tea tasting and learn the difference between green tea, black tea, oolongs and tisanes.  You’ll be surprised to learn how so many teas come from the leaves of the same Camellia Sinensis bush.  We’ll also learn why different teas require different steep times and temperatures.

I have been a student of tea for many years, both classroom learning and self study.  After a lifetime of searching and sampling, and I have found many excellent quality loose leaf teas and useful tea accessories to share.  Come in to browse and then to sip some tea.

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