• Ajiri-Kenyan-Black-Tea-BOXTea-Ajiri-Kenyan-Black-Tea-NEW
    Ajiri black tea is produced by a cooperative of small-scale farmers where it is grown on one and two-acre shambas in Kisii Highlands of Kenya.  The farmers pluck the top two leaves and a bud by hand.  Handpicking the tea ensured that the highest quality tea is always is always produced.  High in antioxidants, Ajiri Tea is coppery in appearance, rich in body, and deeply pungent with distinctive flavor.  All net profits from Ajiri Tea sales goes toward educational assistance to Kenyan orphans. In Kenya, it is especially difficult for women to find employment.  But once employed, these women tend to reinvest nearly all of their earnings back into families and communities. Women in the Kisii region design and handcraft each Ajiri Tea label using dried bark from banana trees.  No two labels are alike. Buying Ajiri Tea helps orphans, and provides a unique box for keepsakes when the tea is gone.  I like adding one teaspoon of Ajiri to my English Breakfast Teapot.  It adds a robust flavor that improves the whole pot. Ingredients: Black tea from Kenya 3.5oz
  • 3.5 oz tin, 3 oz sack, 7 oz, 16 ozTea Blueberry Bliss
    This is a top-selling “tea”! Everyone wants to drink their antioxidants these days and what could be healthier than blueberries? This all-fruit infusion of dried blueberries, apples, raisins, and black currants contains no caffeine because there are no tea leaves in it. The longer you brew it, the richer it gets. It pours like wine.   Ingredients: Dried blueberries, apples, raisins, and black currants
  • Tea Cinnamon Delight Black Tea

    Cinnamon Delight

    This pleasing Sri Lankan black tea is spiced with cinnamon oil, cinnamon stick pieces and orange peel.  It is naturally sweet and very satisfying. Ingredients: Black tea from Sri Lanka, cinnamon oil, cinnamon stick, dried orange peel  
  • Tea Roasted Oolong

    Classic Oolong Tea

  • Da Hong PaoDa Hong Pau Oolong (2)
    Da Hong Pao literally means "Big Red Robe". It is a prestigious Wuyi Oolong tea. It is a premium variety of the Wuyi Rock Tea group of oolong tea.  According to legend, the mother of a Ming Dynasty emperor was cured of an illness by a certain tea, and that emperor sent great red robes to clothe the four bushes from which that tea originated. This tea comes from the Fujian province of China and yields a beautiful amber colored liquor. Ingredients: Oolong Tea from the Fujian Province 3.5 oz $25     7 oz $50     16 oz $95
  • 3.5 oz tin, 3 oz sack, 7 oz, 16 ozJasmine Dragon Pearls Premium Tea
      Fragrant jasmine petals are laid on the green tea leaves overnight. In the morning, when the petals are spent and withered, they are gathered up and disposed. The next night, fresh jasmine petals are layered through the leaves and removed again the following morning when they are wilted and spent. This is done several nights in a row, to leave the beautiful, delicate fragrance in the leaves, and nothing else of the jasmine plant. This is all processed by hand. There is something special about drinking hand-rolled tea. Tea artists utilize centuries of tradition and expertise to roll long, graceful leaves and silver buds of green tea into neat little pearls. This extremely fragrant tea produces a yellow liquor with delicately sweet flavor – softer than regular Jasmine. As the tea is steeped, the pearls begin to unfurl, releasing flavor more slowly than unrolled tea. This hand-rolled tea is scented, not flavored. This is an extremely high grade of tea. Jasmine Pearls are sure to satisfy tea connoisseurs, novices or just fans of all things great. Jasmine Pearls can withstand multiple infusions at low temps.  
  • Tea Earl Grey Lavander
    French blue lavender blended with our aromatic Earl Grey transforms this classic British black tea into something extraordinary.  You will dream of Provence when you drink our Earl Grey enhanced with French blue lavender.  The aroma transforms this tea into something extraordinary. Ingredients: Black tea, Cornflower petals, Lavender blossoms, Natural flavors.
  • IMG_5438Tea-English-Breakfast-Black-Tea

    English Breakfast Black Tea

    This black tea blend is a perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavor notes. It is coppery and bright, especially enticing with milk. This is a go-to tea for much of the world, and is my go-to tea, as well.  Each of the three countries of origin bring a different flavor to make this a winning blend. Ingredients: Black tea from Sri Lanka,  Kenya and India
  • Pu-erh TeaTea Iron Silk Puerh Tea

    Iron Silk Pu-erh Tea

    Pu-erh is a sub-category of Dark Tea that comes from Yunnan province in China. They can be strong teas. They may also be medium-bodied, bright, and slightly sweet depending on how you prepare them. Pu-erh teas typically are aged and are prized in China for their medicinal properties and earthy flavor. Pu-erh can have an earthy, rich, and dark flavor. It can also be sweet and floral with a tingling sensation. Pu-erh tea has an active (probiotic) bacteria that deepens the flavor of the tea over time. In theory, the older it is, the better and more valuable it becomes. How do they age it? The specifics of aging Pu-erh are closely guarded trade secrets.
  • Jasmine GreenJasmine Green Tea

    Jasmine Green Tea

    This is a longtime favorite, lightly-oxidized Chinese tea blended with jasmine blossoms. This tea is high in antioxidant levels and low in caffeine. It makes a wonderfully fragrant addition to your afternoon tea meal. Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine blossoms.      
  • Tea Lapsang Souchong Black-Tea-

    Lapsang Souchong

    One of the classic black teas from China, this large-leafed black tea was originally shipped by caravan along the Silk Road.  The pine trees along the route were easy kindling for the nightly campfires of the caravan. Night after night, the tea absorbed the smokiness of burning pine needles, giving the tea a decidedly smoky flavor for which it became known.  This distinctively smoky aroma and flavor goes well with savory foods. This black tea is an adventure for the uninitiated. This world-famous tea has a smoky, hearty, and robust flavor. Ingredients: Black Tea from Fujian Province  
  • 3.5 oz tin, 3 oz sack, 7 oz, 16 ozLung Ching Premium Green Tea

    Dragonwell (Lung Ching) Green Tea (premium tea)

      This is a classic green Chinese tea from the village of Dragon Well in the Westlake District of Hangzhou. This green tea has a delicious aroma, mellow floral flavor, and a slightly sweet aftertaste. The flat green leaves produce a clear yellowish green liquor with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is prized for four unique qualities: jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnutty flavor, and singular shape. Lung Ching green tea is the most popular tea in China.       How do they age it? The specifics of aging Pu-erh are closely guarded trade secrets.