Dragon Pearls Green Tea PREMIUM TEA

///Dragon Pearls Green Tea PREMIUM TEA
  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls Premium Tea
  • 3.5 oz tin, 3 oz sack, 7 oz, 16 oz

Dragon Pearls Green Tea PREMIUM TEA



Fragrant jasmine petals are laid on the green tea leaves overnight. In the morning, when the petals are spent and withered, they are gathered up and disposed. The next night, fresh jasmine petals are layered through the leaves and removed again the following morning when they are wilted and spent. This is done several nights in a row, to leave the beautiful, delicate fragrance in the leaves, and nothing else of the jasmine plant. This is all processed by hand.

There is something special about drinking hand-rolled tea. Tea artists utilize centuries of tradition and expertise to roll long, graceful leaves and silver buds of green tea into neat little pearls. This extremely fragrant tea produces a yellow liquor with delicately sweet flavor – softer than regular Jasmine. As the tea is steeped, the pearls begin to unfurl, releasing flavor more slowly than unrolled tea. This hand-rolled tea is scented, not flavored.

This is an extremely high grade of tea. Jasmine Pearls are sure to satisfy tea connoisseurs, novices or just fans of all things great.

Jasmine Pearls can withstand multiple infusions at low temps.


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Ingredients: Green Tea from China

2 oz $20    3.5 oz $35  

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3.5 oz bag, 3.5 oz tin, 7.0 oz bag, 16 oz bag