At Tea By The Sea, it is our mission bring tea into the lives of all our friends.  We learn about tea,  look at, pinch and smell the loose leaves before and after they have steeped.  We sample and slurp different teas to compare and contrast flavors.  And we seek out different notes found in different teas.  We learn how teas can be so different, and how steep times and water temperatures make a difference on the final outcome of tea.

The basic tea tasting includes a sample of the five tea groups:  white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh.

We also hold in-depth tea tastings exploring, comparing and contrasting several black teas, or several greens or several oolong teas.  All teas sampled are available for purchase.

Tea tastings at my house are free to attend.  We also can  bring our tea tastings to your house or clubhouse for $15 per person.  These tea tastings are fun, educational and bonding.  They have been very well received by our attendees.  Call Wendy to plan yours today.